Teaching Truth, Goodness and Beauty Through Classic Movies to the Rising Generation

Spotlight Series

EGI has developed the Classic Film Spotlight Series for young people specifically designed for “in the moment” viewing and discussion in virtually any setting.

The Spotlight Series is the perfect choice for “in the moment” viewing and discussion of classic movies for ANY setting.  Each film stands alone for easy integration into all events where people are gathered.  Study guides in the Spotlight Series also work well as high school or college classroom supplements.  This unique companion viewing guide includes:

  • Post viewing discussion
  • Movie quotes handout
  • Teacher resources, activities, and learning tools
  • Essay questions with answer keys
  • Criteria for film selection

The Spotlight Series includes some of the greatest movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age, such as John Huston’s Key Largo, Joseph Mankiewicz’s No Way Out, and Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

Please explore the Spotlight menu above or click on the links below to view information on each Spotlight Series title: