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1940’s  Classic Movies and “The Business of Life”

EGI has been piloting classic movies with college and high school students for over a decade. EGI’s themed-based and Spotlight study guides provide a unique framework for  young people to discuss the timeless questions about life dramatized in each classic film.

We have seen firsthand the power of a great film to illuminate the large existential questions of life being asked by this generation. Classic films are so wonderfully powerful in moving the human spirit to the good and that is why they remain in our memories and in our hearts.

April, 2014 was Turner Classic Movies’ 20th anniversary as a leading authority in classic film. TCM invited EGI’s Onalee McGraw and 19 other Fan Programmers to introduce their favorite movies with Turner Classic Movies Host, the late and much-beloved Robert Osborne. Introducing 12 Angry Men, Robert Osborne and Onalee discussed the universal theme of justice portrayed in the film. Onalee was chosen as one of the 20 Fan Programmers based on her commentary on No Way Out and its themes of universal human dignity. See commentary HERE  on YouTube and purchase EGI’s  No Way Out Spotlight study Guide HERE.


Click each link below to view Robert Osborne and Onalee discussing the film, 12 Angry Men, during her appearance as a Fan Programmer on Turner Classic Movies and its 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Studying great classic films helps us to understand more deeply the realities of life and love. Using EGI study guidesthe art of classic cinema is explored through small group discussions and face to face conversations.

Young people explore the themes of liberty and justice in 12 Angry Men, with Henry Fonda and Lee J. Cobb.

Great classic movies have the unique power to elevate, educate, and entertain all at the same time

Introducing 12 Angry Men with the late, beloved Robert Osbourne on Turner Classic Movies: An Opportunity of A Lifetime

Turner Classic Movies asked each fan programmer to select 10 movies. From this list, TCM chose for each fan programmer one special film to introduce with Robert Osbourne.  TCM recognized EGI’s commitment to teaching truth and justice to young people through classic film, and chose 12 Angry Men for Onalee’s part of the 20th anniversary program.  12 Angry Men demonstrates the timeless link between truth and justice.

True justice can only be achieved through the search for truth. One juror convinces eleven others of a young man’s innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. Our task on the path of greater national unity must be one that seeks to restore and reclaim principles of universal human dignity and the promise of genuine justice.

There is in nature a common principle of the just and the unjust that all people in some way discern even if they have no association or commerce with each other. ~Aristotle

“It is nonsense to imagine that a free political community can survive without citizens who pursue lives of virtue.” ~James Madison

EGI’s director Onalee McGraw reviews film research materials with collaborator Shenandoah Sierra for Liberty and Justice for All: Classic Movies and the Things that Matter Most in a Free Society.