Teaching Truth, Goodness and Beauty Through Classic Movies to the Rising Generation

Dr. Onalee McGraw

A Message from EGI’s Director, Dr. Onalee McGraw

Since our founding in 1986, the Educational Guidance Institute (EGI) has implemented character formation programs for highly diverse groups of young people.

Our program history includes public school classrooms, after school programs, special events in detention homes, pilots for college students and young adult groups, and parent-teen events in communities and churches.

EGI uses the great classic films of Hollywood’s Golden Age to teach enduring values that are both timeless and deeply relevant to the generation of today. These stories touch the deepest longings of the human heart.

In April of 2014, Onalee McGraw’s appearance on Turner Classic Movies 20th Anniversary as a guest co-host, was featured in an article the Northern Virginia Daily.

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EGI has developed Classic Film study guides for high school, college students,  and young adults. Since classic films appeal to people of  all ages and backgrounds, our study guides are ideal for community, family, women’s and men’s groups .  The study guides are available in two different formats:


Theme-Based Study Guides

(for all ages and group settings)

Classic Movies for the Classroom: The Spotlight Series

(includes unique learning tools that build critical thinking, vocabulary and essay writing skills)


Criteria for Film Selection

Every film Educational Guidance Institute selects for study has been shaped by the following criteria:

  • Is the film a true classic in that its story, character development and production values can win the attention and respect of most students in the age group for which the curriculum has been designed?NoWayOut
  • Is the film itself an important part of film history? Has it received positive reviews and evaluations from a variety of film critics?  Do film critics from different perspectives admire the values projected in the film?
  • Does the story broaden the historical and cultural perspective of students and present the universal qualities of human beings, which transcend racial, ethnic and religious boundaries and divisions?
  • BandBAre the characters believable and natural? Do the main characters come across as whole and realistic persons reflecting a common sense view of human nature?
  • Does the story depict relationships between women and men in a way that strengthens the institutions of marriage and the family?
  • Do major characters undergo a positive growth in virtue over the course of the story?
  • Do the plot of the story and the life events of its characters reflect the development of universal values, norms and virtues in a way that is clear and unambiguous?

Theme-Based Study Guides

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Liberty and Just for All:
Classic Movies and the Things that Matter Most in a Free Society

This 7 film anthology features classic films such as the ‘Bogie and Bacall’ thriller Key Largo, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 12 Angry Men, On the Waterfront, and three more.

The analysis and discussion of each film features:
Film Facts, Film Critic’s Corner, Film History, Discussion Questions, & much more.

Classic Movies Leading Men and Women as Citizens, Friends, and Participants in a Free Society

Men and Women in Love: The View from Classic Hollywood

Roman Holiday

This study guide features great romances such as
William Wyler’s Roman Holiday, Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, & more.

The analysis and discussion of each film features:
Film Facts, Film Critic’s Corner, Film History, Discussion Questions, & much more.

Leading Couples of Classic Hollywood, Man-Woman Complementarity and the Hallmarks of True Love