Teaching Truth, Goodness and Beauty Through Classic Movies to the Rising Generation

EGI has developed a series of Classic Film Lesson Plans specifically designed for younger teens. This is a way for Generation Z youth to make sense of the timeless struggle for good over evil and understand human nature in a darkened world.

LessonPlanCollageThese movie lesson plans enliven any language arts, history, or film studies class. Each film gives an insight into the meaning of life and teaches lessons that give today’s youth — so hungry for truth and love — the ability to make sense of what life is all about. Each movie lesson plan is developed in segments to allow teachers and group leaders to integrate film lessons into regular classroom and youth event programming. Lesson plans include:

  • Instructor synopsis
  • Vocabulary words and definitions
  • Worksheets
  • Essay questions with answer keys
  • Post viewing discussion handouts


Please explore the Lesson Plans menu above under Now Playing or click on the links below to view information on each Lesson Plan: