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The Feminine Soul – Classic Hollywood Women in Focus (Digital Download)


The Feminine Soul: Classic Hollywood Women in Focus  is a film study guide designed for high school and college students as well as young adults. The seven classic films in this study guide give us indelible and inspiring portraits of what it means to be a woman of character, strength, and integrity.

From Ginger Rogers in Kitty Foyle (1940) to Doris Day in Young at Heart (1954), actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age shine in seven unforgettable films. These women do not appear  to us as passive victims of a fate over which they have no control. They triumph over adversity with their personhood intact.




Educational Guidance Institute grants to its purchasers a limited license to print The Feminine Soul: Classic Hollywood Women in Focus for classroom or personal use.

The analysis and discussion of each film in this Study Guide features:

  • Film Facts
  • Actress Profile
  • Film Critic’s Corner
  • Character Profile
  • Post Viewing Discussion
  • Identity and Integrity Issues


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